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What You Should Know About Leather Grades and Leather Quality

Looking into Buying New Leather Furniture, But Don’t Know Much About Leather Quality? Read On....

Leather vs Fabric: Which one is right for you?

  What is better: Leather or Fabric? Which sofa should you choose? This is a...

LEATHER SOFA CARE: How to Clean and Maintain Your Furniture Upholstery

If you’ve just ordered a new leather sofa, celebrate! You’ve just invested in something that...

What Is Leather Conditioner? How Do You Use It?

What is Leather Conditioner? Leather conditioner is a liquid substance that cleans, moisturizes, and restores...

What’s The Big Deal With American Leather’s Comfort Air?

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of walking through your door after a long day...

American Leather and Luonto: Leaders in Sleeper Sofas

We’ve all been there… You’re visiting family or friends and they’ve got a full house....

Interior Design: Working with Grey

Gray can create a soothing backdrop in your space or be used as a bold...

10 Best Recliners for Back Pain

Recliners are hard to beat in terms of comfort. They are easy to use, they...

How To Choose The Best Stressless Recliner For You

The Ekornes Stressless line has some of the most comfortable and ergonomically correct recliners on the market. With over...

New Year, Newly Expanded Stores, New Inventory!

Flipping the calendar to January tends to bring new energy and optimism to our personal...

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