American Leather and Luonto: Leaders in Sleeper Sofas

We’ve all been there… You’re visiting family or friends and they’ve got a full house. As bedtime approaches, they say, somewhat sheepishly, “We’ve got you on the sleeper sofa.” And as others head off to comfortable beds, you take the cushions off the couch, pull up on the compressed “mattress,” and listen as the clanking bars and squeaking springs tell you what you already know: you’re in for a long, sleepless night, and probably a morning of aches and pains.

That’s a very common scenario, unless, of course, your friends and family own a sleeper sofa from American Leather or Luonto. If that’s the case, you may have one of the top sleeper sofa brands in the house!

Benefits of Today’s High-Quality Sleeper Sofas

Sure, you can buy a traditional sleeper sofa knowing that your guests will not be greeting you rested and refreshed in the morning and may not come to visit again often. Or, you can ensure that they stop by whenever they’re in town by purchasing a superior sleeper sofa. The top sleeper sofa brands offer innovative designs, a full range of sizes from Cot to King, many mattress options, an array of styles and a variety of coverings from fabric to leather.

In other words, with today’s sleeper sofa, you don’t have to skimp on form or function. You can get a stylish piece of fine furniture that just happens to also be a very comfortable bed.

High-Quality, Earth-Friendly Furniture Made in Dallas

American Leather is a Dallas-based company that employs a unique fusion of advanced technology and award-winning craftsmanship to produce furniture that has exceptional quality, incredible beauty, and impressive durability. And they achieve all these attributes using sustainable manufacturing processes. In fact, American Leather is a founding member of the Sustainable Furniture Council, a nonprofit organization created to promote earth-friendly manufacturing practices.

Not only is the company vocal about environmental awareness, but they also practice what they preach. All of their furniture is made from wood harvested from sustainable forests in production operations designed to create as little scrap as possible. American Leather also uses glues and stains free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).

Comfort Sleeper: A Sleeper Sofa Like No Other

American Leather produces a wide range of products, from sofas and sectionals to motion furniture and recliners. However, they are especially well known for their Comfort Sleeper line. They describe the line on their website with this statement that gets right to the heart of the matter: No bars. No springs. Pure comfort.

And unlike the old sleeper sofa you used to keep around because while it was not pleasant to look at, its utility outweighed its unsightliness, the Comfort Sleeper comes in a variety of eye-catching styles that cover the spectrum from transitional to modern. From the European flair of the Sulley to the casual elegance of the Harris, there’s something for every furniture lover in the Comfort Sleeper category. Plus, with both leather and fabric coverings, you can have the look and feel that’s perfect for your decor.

Fine Functional Furniture From Finland

Founded in Finland in 1964, Luonto manufactures what the company refers to as “fine functional furniture.” And when you see their pieces in person, you understand what they mean. Their handmade furniture exhibits incredible craftsmanship both in its aesthetic appeal and, particularly in the case of the company’s sofa sleepers (they put the “sofa” first), its functionality. Plus, Luonto continues to be guided by founder Pentti Viitala’s belief that high-quality furniture should be available at a fair price.

The company’s many fans also appreciate that it uses sustainable manufacturing processes driven by a reverence for the environment that is deeply rooted in Finnish culture. From the high-quality raw materials that Luonto uses to the fact that their skilled and dedicated employees average more than 20 years with the organization, everything about the company speaks to its commitment to excellence.

Luonto’s Clever Ways to Convert Your Sofa

Forget everything you know about setting up old school sofa sleepers, Luonto’s advanced sofas transform quickly and easily into comfortable beds with a variety of ingenious actions called the Nest, Hybrid, Flip and Easy Deluxe functions. Go to YouTube and search for “Luonto sofa sleeper” and you’ll find many videos showing just how easy it is to go from sofa to bed.

But don’t let the clever functionality make you miss an equally important aspect of Luonto sofa sleepers: their incredible beauty across a wide range of shapes and sizes in leather and fabric finishes. Copenhagen, Delta, and Erika are just some of the styles that will make you forget there’s a bed inside.

A Footnote on Sofa Terminology

When talking about sofas that turn into beds, you may hear many terms. Convertible sofa, hide-a-bed couch, pull-out couch, fold-out couch, and others. Two of the most common are sofa bed and sleeper sofa. Most people will use these terms interchangeably, but if you’re talking to a furniture expert and want to make yourself clear, you’ll need to understand the distinction.

A sofa bed is similar to a futon. Both are designed simply to fold flat to form a bed. They don’t have a mattress, per se, just the cushions of the seat and back that serve that purpose. A sleeper sofa, on the other hand, has an actual mattress concealed within it.

If you want to keep the terms straight, remember that you’re likely to get better sleep on a sleeper sofa since it’s more like a traditional bed. And to take that one step further, you’ll probably sleep like a baby on a sleeper sofa from American Leather or Luonto!

Move up to an Exceptional Sleeper Sofa

When you’re ready to say goodbye to your old sofa sleeper and hello to the top sleeper sofa brands like American Furniture or Luonto, we’re happy to talk with you about your needs and your options. Style, size, covering, mattress type, function… you’ve got the ability to craft the perfect piece for your home. Shop us online or visit our showrooms in Fort Collins and Boulder.


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