BDI’s satin etched glass is a unique material, with a smooth, soft touch and a resilient and forgiving finish. For general maintenance, the glass surface may be maintained using a common household glass cleaner and a paper towel or cloth.

Any minor scratches or scuffing that is not eliminated with a simple cleaning can usually be removed by using a Magic Eraser cleaning pad. Magic Eraser is a melamine foam product available at any grocery store, super center or available for purchase online (linked above). Dampen the entire glass surface as well as the Magic Eraser, then rub the entire glass surface in broad, even strokes using moderate pressure. Clean and dry the surface with a paper towel. Check for results and repeat as necessary.

Any scratches or scuffing not eliminated by one of the above methods can be addressed by ‘refreshing’ the glass. This is a process that should not be required more than once per 6-12 months.

Watch the brief video below to follow this simple method.