Himolla: 70 Years of Experience in High-Quality Upholstered Furniture

When you think of products designed and manufactured in Germany, some of the attributes that likely come to mind include precision engineering and exceptional quality. For 70 years, Himolla has been doing its part to add another item to the list: comfort.

The company’s upholstered furniture certainly demonstrates the first two characteristics, but what Himolla really focuses on is the sense of relaxation and satisfaction that its products provide. After all, there’s no reason a furniture manufacturer can’t excel in both technical expertise and customer experience!

One of Europe’s Leading Upholstered Furniture Manufacturers

Located 30 miles east of Munich, Himolla employs approximately 3,000 people. Its teams complete roughly 1,600 orders per day and ship product to more than 40 companies. These numbers make them one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of upholstered furniture. However, the company’s most important number is 1… as in you, the customer. They state it clearly on their website: your total relaxation is what Himolla aspires to.

From our perspective, they’re quite successful in achieving that goal. Customers who ease themselves into a Himolla recliner or take a seat on a Himolla sofa first comment on how comfortable it is. Then you see them turning their attention to the workmanship, and if they’re familiar with the elements of high-quality furniture, they smile and nod in appreciation.

Himolla Furniture’s History

How did Himolla become one of the industry’s most highly regarded furniture manufacturers? The story goes back seven decades. Founded in the late 1940s as a small, family business, Himolla began designing and building sofas of the highest quality.

By the 1970s, the company was making significant investments to support its steady growth. From new buildings and production technologies, to a fleet of delivery vehicles, Himolla was committed to being a leading producer of fine furniture. And the formula for their success had become clear: embrace innovation from a solid foundation in tradition.

In the 2000s, Himolla continued to enhance its production capabilities and also began to focus on global logistics and getting its gorgeous pieces to eager customers and stores like Forma Furniture. Today the company has a worldwide presence and a reputation for producing truly luxurious armchairs and sofas.

Himolla Research and Development: Beware the “Folterkammer”

With approximately 100 employees, Himolla’s research and development (R&D) department is the pride of the organization. Experts in product design and testing address two different tasks in R&D. First, they strive to continuously improve existing armchair and sofa models. Of course, improving on products that are already of outstanding quality is no easy task. But the team accepts the challenge gladly.

Their second responsibility is developing new mechanisms and models and then conducting a wide range of tests on them. No new component can be brought into serial production until it has undergone rigorous testing and passed strict self-imposed requirements that, in most cases, exceed those of the German Association of Quality Furniture Makers. Even after a component has been approved for production, random testing is done to ensure that Himolla’s tagline “Quality from Germany” always rings true.

Some of this testing is done in what Himolla has nicknamed the “Folterkammer” or “torture chamber.” This advanced, in-house testing laboratory subjects components, materials and finished furniture to extreme conditions to assess their performance. Things like abrasion tests, strength tests and shrinkage tests are performed over and over to produce data that is used to make improvements. As Himolla states on their website, “It’s a harsh regime, but hardship strengthens the breed!”

Training the Next Generation of Furniture Artisans

With a number of luxury car manufacturers having operations just 50 miles from Himolla’s factory and pulling from the same talent pool, it can be challenging to find the skilled employees Himolla needs to create its furniture. Not wanting to be at the mercy of the labor market, the company has developed a thriving apprentice program. There, high school graduates are trained for roles both in production and administration. Following the three-year program, graduates are guaranteed a future with the company.

The result? Himolla’s employees demonstrate incredible loyalty. In fact, the average length of employment at the company is an amazing 18 years! Who do you want building, finishing and inspecting the heirloom-quality armchair or sofa you intend to have in your home for decades to come? The person who has honed their critical eye and attention to detail for decades!

Experience Himolla Recliners and Sofas

What will you find when you check out Himolla recliners and sofas in our showrooms in Fort Collins and Boulder, CO? The first impression is that the Himolla line has a distinct air of sophistication, with its beautiful lines and sumptuous leather and other materials. Next, you’ll discover the incredible initial comfort as you take your seat. Then you’ll find that your enjoyment of a recliner or sofa can be enhanced by making any of a number of adjustments to things like lumbar support, foot rests and the angle at which you are reclining.

Overall, you’ll find Himolla furniture to be the perfect blend of practical design and eye-catching style. From the Aura Recliner to the Rhine Curved Sofa, these are pieces that will make a graceful statement in any decor.

Plus, Himolla offers a Limited 5-Year Guarantee. It covers:

  • Padding, sub-springing and interiors springing
  • Frame and non-moving parts
  • Durability and resistance properties of Longlife leather and fabrics*
  • Cold cure moulded seat cushions**

*General Quality and Testing Regulations for Furniture – Quality Assurance RAL-GZ430
**Where applicable

The guarantee is subject to standard domestic use with the company’s product care instructions.

Bring Home a Bit of Bavaria

Forma Furniture has long been a leader in modern and Scandinavian furniture. Perhaps that’s how you got to know us. But we love fine furniture like you do, and have been thrilled to add elegant German pieces from Himolla to our offerings. With such a unique blend of form and function, how could we resist?

In addition to seeing stylish recliners and sofas in our showrooms, you can shop Himolla on our website.


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