How To Buff Scratches Out Of BDI Glass

Who doesn’t love the look of a fresh and clean piece of glass furniture? But as we all know, life gets messy! Before you know it, your beautiful new piece of glass furniture may develop little scratches and dings, taking away from the original beauty. With BDI this is a problem of the past! In less than a minute, you can buff away minor scratches and imperfections. Making your piece look as good as the day it was installed. Follow the instructions below or watch the video by BDI to learn how.

How Buff Out Scratches to BDI Satin-Etched Glass in 4 Easy Steps

What You’ll Need: Scotch Bright, Windex or glass cleaner, & a dry towel

  1. Rub the Scotch Bright in circular motions, creating a lather with the glass cleaner
  2. Rub the towel in circular motions to dry the surface
  3. Your BDI Glass should now be buffed and ready to go!


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