How To Choose The Best Stressless Recliner For You

The Ekornes Stressless line has some of the most comfortable and ergonomically correct recliners on the market. With over a dozen recliner styles to choose from, it can be overwhelming to find the best fit for you. There are 4 easy ways how to choose the best Stressless recliner:

  1. Find your size
  2. Select your base 
  3. Select your style 
  4. Select your leather

1. Finding Your Recliner Size 

Ekornes recliners come in 3 sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. The larger the size, the taller and wider the recliner will be. Ideally, these recliners should fit snuggly, encapsulating your body in the chair and your feet should be able to rest comfortably on the ground. These recliners should provide you with ample lumbar and neck support and the top headrest should line up with your eyeline. The seat height can also be raised on any of the recliner sizes using elevator rings. 

We at Forma Furniture encourage you to try all 3 sizes before settling on a size.  

2. Selecting Your Recliner Base 

Ekornes recliners are available in 3 bases: Classic, Signature, and Power. With any of the bases, you do have the option to add elevator rings to add an additional 1.5”  4” of height to the recliner. 

The Classic Base is best for customers who prefer a steady recliner. This base will swivel but not rock, making it easy to get in and out of. The Classic base is the original base from Stressless and has a traditional wooden style. 

The Signature Base is best for customers who prefer having some motion in their chairs. This base will swivel and act as a rocking chair. This base will naturally sit about 1” higher than the other bases. The Signature Base features chrome details, giving the recliner a more modern and contemporary look. 

The Power Base is Ekornes’s motorized base option. This base is best for customers who prefer having a motorized retractable ottoman and either a manual or motorized adjustable back. This futuristic base has a similar wooden look to the classic base and is ideal for smaller spaces. This base has the option to include a rechargeable battery giving the customer the option to use that recliner cordless or plugged in. 

3. Select Your Recliner Style 

Ekornes has a variety of recliner styles in its Stressless collection. All Ekornes Stressless recliners have the same skeleton and function similarly, but the paddingstitching, and specific features vary from style to style. Everybody’s body is different. We encourage our customers to try sitting in every style of chair to see which recliner feels best to their individual bodies. For some, a firmer chair may be more comfortable, while for others a softer chair may work better. Additionally, each style comes with either a low-back, high-back, or adjustable headrest option. 

Each style is priced independently based on how much material is being used and the additional features offered. 

4. Select Your Recliner Upholstery 

Stressless recliners are available in the following upholstery options: Batick Leather, Paloma Leather, Cori Leather, Pioneer Leather, and Noblesse Leather. All Ekornes upholstery options are ethically  

Batick Leather: Batick is our base leather option. This is a corrected leather with medium surface protection and is embossed with a small pebble grain, giving it a uniform pattern. The price and durability make it a good choice for most homes. 

Paloma Leather: Paloma is the most popular Stressless leather option in the US. It is slightly corrected with a medium surface protection level. Its unique combination of dyes and pigments smooth down some of this leather’s pattern. Although there may be some minor visible marks, Paloma leathers are known for giving your recliner a smooth and consistent look.  

Cori Leather: Cori Leather is noticeably thicker leather with the most surface protection of Stressless’s leather options.  This leather is very durable and easy to clean, making it great for homes with children or pets. However, the wax protectant surface does make the recliner more slippery, which may not be ideal for all customers. 

Pioneer Leather: Pioneer Leather is a full-bodied leather that is known for the vignette it creates over time. This medium-low-resistant leather has good tear resistance and a delicate aniline pull-up finish. The natural quality of this leather gives it a smooth, soft finish and a natural appeal that becomes more beautiful with age. 

Noblesse Leather: Our most exclusive leather is a full-grain semi-aniline dyed using a light surface treatment. With the natural softness and characteristic glow of first-class leatherNoblesse keeps its original grain, meaning minor color variations, marks, and scars may be visible. Noblesse is among the highest quality leather in the world and is also used in many European luxury vehicles, including Maserati. This leather option will give your recliner unmatched luxury for years to come. 


Once you have completed all 4 steps, your perfect Stressless recliner awaits! 

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