Interesting Historical Furniture Facts

Did you know that Chesterfield sofa was designed so gentlemen could lounge in clubs for hours without having to change their suits? The Barcelona chair, which is a symbol of Spanish royalty, was created out of a desire to create a chair worthy.

Although trivial facts about furniture are not necessarily important, they do tell a story. This is the story of evolution, and how our homes have changed over time just like we have.

#1: The origins of Thrones

Did you know that kings used thrones? In medieval times, chairs were reserved for royalty and nobility. People of lower social status sat on stools and if they were in the presence of their superiors, just stood.

Until the 16th century, chairs were not used by the general population. People used to sit on wooden or rock benches before that. Egyptian origins are the oldest known chair. These chairs are ceremonial and date back to at least 5,000 years.

authentic throne history chair

#2: Darwin’s Theory of the Office Chair

From the thrones to the mundane office chair. Have you ever wondered who invents it? It was Charles Darwin who invents it. Charles Darwin was the one who invent the modern office chair. He added wheels to his chair so he could move around more quickly

evolution of office chaird with wheels fort collikns
(Photograph of Darwin’s chair inside of his home office study, located in Kent- about 15 minutes outside of London)


#3: Indian Connection in Mid-century Modern Furniture

Did you know that Le Corbusier, a visionary French architect, and Pierre Jeanneret, his cousin, and collaborator, built Chandigarh (the capital city of Punjab). The duo, who were part of the mid-century modern school and thought, created some amazing buildings such as the Capitol Complex which was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. They also designed iconic furniture like the Chandigarh’ Chair. This simple teak and cane chair, which was designed for Chandigarh’s government offices, is still very popular.

Chandigarh' Chair modern design
(Example of the Chandigarh’ Chair)

#4: The memories of a couch

After much thought, it was determined that a sofa’s average life expectancy is 2,958 days. This adds up roughly to eight years. We also use an average sofa 13 times a month as a place for sitting while we eat a meal. This would be 1,261 meals in the lifetime of the sofa.time for a new sofa

#5 – We spend more money on upholstery than we do most other things!

Most people will be surprised at this one! Upholstery is often the third most expensive item that a person will purchase in their lifetime, after a home and a vehicle. Do you treat your upholstered armchair more carefully now?

save money on dining chairs colorado

#6 – Couples, take notice that the bed was not designed to be private

It is believed that the first version of the bed could have accommodated 65 people.

It was still a luxury. We also spend 33% of our lives in bed. This is an average. Imagine what percentage it would be for lazy people!

sleeping with kids in family bed

#7 – The grand old bookshelf

The Bodleian Library, part of Oxford University, houses one of the most beautiful bookshelves in the entire world. You will also find the oldest library in Europe within the same building.

bodiean library bookshelf history bookshelves near me

#8 – Why does winged-back furniture have wings?

Simply put, winged-back furniture is made with wings to keep you warm. The chair’s curved back allowed for the retention of body heat when a person sat down on it. Later on, we will see headboards with a similar design.

winged chairs


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