Wrinkled leather Sofa?? Here’s How to Fluff Your Leather Sofa with Just a Few Hits

Wrinkled Sofa?

Our Leather sofas are not only stylish and long lasting, but they are also wrinkle free if treated right. Quality leather tends to wrinkle with normal use. But fear not, we have a simple trick to get your sofa looking good as new- with just a few hits!

Ever wonder why leather gets wrinkled? Since our products are composed of natural materials, our leather furniture is susceptible to creasing and wrinkling. These wrinkles are because of factors like prolonged sitting, and high temperatures. We understand that these wrinkles can make your furniture look worn out. But before you think about expensive treatments or even furniture replacements, try our recommendation to revive your furniture!

Understanding Why Leather Wrinkles

Leather is made from animal hides. These hides have fibers that are arranged to make your furniture sleek and comfortable. Over time, these fibers can become compressed and lose their natural elasticity, leading to the formation of wrinkles and creases. Additionally, factors like moisture, heat, and pressure can exacerbate the wrinkling process. If you sit with high body temperatures, your sofa will most likely wrinkle.

With this in mind, imagine sitting for hours with a blanket and your heater on. It’s inevitable that heat will become trapped within the fibers of the leather, causing compressions and resulting in temporary wrinkles on your sofas.

The Fluffing Technique

Believe it or not, reviving your leather sofa can be as simple as giving it a good hit. This cam ne achieved by loosening the compressed fibers within the leather, allowing them to regain their natural shape and elasticity. Check out our 3-step guide on how to do it!

  1. Identify Wrinkled Areas: Firstly, identify where the most wear is on your sofa. Pay attention to areas where you or your family members frequently sit or rest. These areas are where you are going to see the wrinkles
  2. Get Ready to Hit: Stand beside the sofa and try to flatten out wrinkles as much as possible before hitting.
  3. Hit the Wrinkled Areas: With your hand, hit the sofas to try to better decompress or separate the leather. This should do the job!

We hope that this helped rejuvenate your leather sofa. For more questions and information, be sure to contact us or visit any of our locations! Thank you for spending your time reading this



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