BDI Furniture: The Perfect Blend of Beauty and Functionality

Among its many areas of expertise, BDI Furniture can certainly include “problem solving.” In fact, the company was created in 1984 to address a problem that its founders had identified: too often, consumers were being asked by manufacturers to choose between beauty and functionality.

The skilled designers at BDI set out to eliminate the need for shoppers to make that difficult decision — and eliminate it they have! BDI’s commitment to developing pieces that are both aesthetically pleasing and powerfully practical has earned the company praise for its innovative designs and a loyal following.

BDI: Impressive Innovation and Exceptional Attention to Detail

Innovation and attention to detail don’t always go together. They do at BDI, however. Even as the company’s creative minds are producing gorgeous designs, their obsession with the finer points of furniture functionality and finish ensure that nothing is overlooked in the manufacturing process.

And this awareness isn’t limited to the company’s products and how they are received by customers. BDI is also committed to producing furniture in a sustainable, environmentally conscious way. Even its packaging is developed to ensure that each piece arrives at its destination in the best possible condition but with minimal waste.

High-End Furniture for the Many Ways You Work and Play

BDI’s portfolio of products covers a wide range of activities and needs, including working, entertaining, and everyday life. The company also produces modular shelving that can be used in endless ways.

Whether you are operating a business or running a household, you probably spend much of your life working. BDI feels you should love where you work. Its line of home office furniture is the perfect blend of modern engineering and eye-catching design. Its categories include traditional desks, standing desks, modular systems, and storage solutions. The company sums up its goal in saying that it strives to enable customers to create workspaces that are “equal parts organization and inspiration.”

Neither style nor performance alone can be the basis of furniture worth getting excited about. BDI’s media cabinets, modular systems, home bars, and TV mounts bring the two characteristics together in pieces you can be proud to design a room around. Collections like Corridor, Elements Media + Storage, Avion, and Nora are well known to consumers who want the best of form and function.

BDI perfectly captures the essence of their pieces when they say that their furniture is “designed to enhance the quality of everyday life for a life that is anything but everyday.” In other words, if you want pieces that don’t just match your decor but elevate it, BDI is your manufacturer. From tables and credenzas to home bars and shelving systems, it is a truly unique product line.

Modular Shelving
Who says shelving has to be boring? Whether your focus is on displaying your treasures or simply having a convenient place for your books, BDI’s Semblance is a modular system that is endlessly customizable. The shelves, tables, drawers, and cabinets can be positioned in whatever way makes the most sense to you using the company’s online design tool. Or, you can start with a pre-designed system that will surely meet your needs and please your eye.

BDI Furniture: Incredibly Feature-Rich

It’s no exaggeration to say that when it comes to the attributes of their products, the designers at BDI “have thought of everything.” Some of the many features include:

  • Beautiful, practical designs. The company prides itself on creating products that meet its high standards in both areas.
  • Very short lead time. BDI products can be produced in 2-4 weeks.
  • Heat-resistant materials. The veneers used in entertainment pieces are specifically designed to tolerate the heat produced by today’s electronics.
  • Highly customizable office furniture. Creating the right work environment enhances both comfort and productivity.
  • Tempered glass. This type of glass resists fingerprints and is simple to maintain.
  • Easily adjustable shelves. Change shelf heights with ease as your storage or display needs change.
  • Helpful ventilation features. Entertainment pieces are designed to let electronics “breathe.”
  • Ingenious cord-management systems. Tame that unruly tangle!
  • Entertainment pieces in multiple sizes. Whether you have just a few components or many, there is a BDI solution for you.
  • A variety of wood finishes. Select the look that best complements your decor.
  • Multiple leg heights. Some of the collections have several leg lengths to choose from.
  • Solid wood on Corridor doors. This popular collection is a prime example of BDI’s quality construction.
  • Many features and options in the Semblance collection. Fully customize your office space to meet your wants and needs.

And, you can be confident in your BDI purchase as all pieces come with a 3-year warranty.

With BDI Furniture, You’re a Designer, Too!

Many of BDIs pieces are customizable to your needs. Take the Elements cabinet for example. Several of its features have multiple options from which to choose. So, you can:

  • Select a cabinet size — three-door or four-door
  • Choose a door pattern — Wheat, Ricochet, or Tempo
  • Pick a base — Console or Media
  • Choose a finish — Natural Walnut or Charcoal Stained Ash

When you’ve made your selections and your completed cabinet arrives, you’ll be thrilled to see how perfectly your unique design complements your decor.

BDI: Always Moving Forward

Not a company to “rest on its laurels,” BDI continues to explore new territory. The latest addition to the portfolio is the Sigma Office Collection. As BDI describes it, the collection “sets a new standard in modern office design and functionality.” It works both for a large office or a more compact space, with features that help you create a workspace that is energizing and inspiring.

What will BDI design next? Whatever it is, you can bet it will turn heads and win hearts!

Bringing You all the Best of BDI

At Forma Furniture, we have a deep appreciation for quality and creativity. That’s why we’re proud to carry the BDI line, which delivers both. Check out the large selection of media cabinets, tables, home bars, TV mounts and more at our showrooms in Fort Collins and Boulder, CO, or visit us online.


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