Start your day off strong with our coffee tables. We pride ourselves on our extensive range of coffee tables. They are all designed to meet all preferences in shapes, sizes, and finishes. Each coffee table seamlessly combines functionality with aesthetic appeal, to cater to the needs of modern and luxury living spaces. Our collection boasts an array of wood options. This way we meet the needs of all customers. Our wood finishes include solid cherry, walnut, birch, and ash. Not only are the coffee tables designed for style they are also reliable. Make the coffee table fit you! If you are interested in customization, Forma Furniture offers various finishes to match individual preferences and interior themes. Regardless of if you prefer a natural wood grain or a contemporary lacquered look, our team can assist in bringing your vision to life. 

Our products are designed to fit any aesthetic that is pleased. Whether you’re looking for a sleek minimalist design or a rustic statement piece, Forma Furniture has you covered. Our coffee tables not only serve as strong and reliable surfaces for drinks and decor but also they add a special touch to any room. 


For more information on store stock, customization help, or to explore our full range of coffee tables, we invite you to contact your local Forma Furniture stores in Fort Collins, Boulder, and Northglenn. Our staff is very knowledgeable and trained to support your coffee table needs. Contact us for recommendations or any kind of help. 

Original price was: $780.00.Current price is: $679.00.
Original price was: $2,999.00.Current price is: $2,399.00.
Original price was: $1,080.00.Current price is: $749.00.

Call your local Forma Furniture in Fort Collins, Boulder, and Northglenn for more details and information on availability and customization.


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