A company with a truly unique specialty: Transforming glass into pieces of art. They make every piece unique and exquisite by using techniques from all over the world perfected over decades of time. In fact, Glassisimo has more than 30 years of experience in the industry, and it shows. We believe that Glass is an exceptional, and elegant material- and the finished pieces produced from it reflect that same unique exceptionalism.

Glassisimo takes design to another level and moves away from the ordinary to create something extraordinary. Creativity, Art, Talent, and Culture are some of the basic ingredients needed to create unique and exclusive projects.
They truly understand the importance of giving each project and customer its own identity. By collaborating with artists and artisans they have created a process where we offer more than 100 handcrafted finishes on glass and a blend of materials to create the perfect “tailored suit”.


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