How to tell if you need a Firm or Soft mattress


It can be difficult to shop for mattresses. It’s not easy to find the right mattress for you. Your quality of sleep is very important. Continue reading to find out the differences between a soft and a firm mattress.


Firmness vs. Support

Supportive mattresses don’t have to be hard or soft. It all comes down to the quality of the mattress’s construction to support your spine. You want a mattress that supports your spine all night long and is durable.




A Soft Mattress: The Benefits

Too firm a mattress can cause back pain. Firm mattresses are best avoided if you have lower back problems. You may find that a soft mattress provides more comfort during the night which can help you fall asleep. You may also prefer soft mattresses that conform to your body if you are prone.




Take into Consideration your Body Type

You may feel more comfortable sleeping on any mattress if you are lighter than average. If you are heavier, consider a firmer mattress. Mattresses may be more comfortable for heavier people. They are less able to support heavy people and can get creases and dents more easily than soft mattresses.




Remember your Partner

If you have a bedmate, it is important to consider their needs. You can sleep next to your partner every night, or just occasionally. But think about their needs. You can express your preference for firm or soft bedding to your partner. Perhaps you can find a bed somewhere in between or add a pillow top to the cover.

Forma Furniture has all your mattress needs covered. Forma Furniture offers a wide range of styles, sizes and brands. Our designers can help you decide if a firm or softer mattress is right for you.


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