This week we celebrated the first day of spring! That means it is time to start thinking ahead to warmer weather, spring cleaning, bright colors, and fresh air. Read on to hear some easy tips for a spring refresh!




Change You Throw Pillows

Change your throw pillows. It’s a great idea to keep two sets on hand: one set deeper in colors meant to add warmth and feel cozy for the fall and winter; and another in bright and lighter colors that feel more appropriate for spring and summer. Bright pillows are an especially effective way to liven up a dark sofa or sectional. Floral pillows are another great option.



Add Pops of Color

A little pop of color can do a lot to make it feel more like spring is in the air! Try swapping your darker winter throw pillows that are darker and more comfortable for brighter, more colorful options (as mentioned above) You can also store your fuzzy, thick winter blankets and exchange them for lightweight-summer-friendly throws. If you’re looking for a bigger change, consider some bright accent chairs.



Refresh Your Furniture

If you really want to bring an updated spring feel to any room, it might be time to consider getting rid of your outdated dull sofa– and update your space with something more crisp and light.  Creams and whites can be stunning.  If you’re not ready to get entirely new furniture, you can opt for a linen furniture slipcover.



You can make more space with easy changes. You can get rid of any unnecessary items and clean up cluttered surfaces.  Once that’s done, consider brightening a room with a fresh coat of white paint on the walls or trim. Often, a little decluttering and fresh paint is all that’s needed to give your home a warm-weather makeover.  To add an extra touch of spring to your space, make sure to include fresh-cut flowers.


Of course, you can always update your furniture, but another option is to shop for accessories and see if you see something bright and fun to bring into your space.  Often times new wall art can bring a totally new feel to a room.  Make sure the colors work together and keep it consistent throughout. Be sure your rooms are getting enough light as well. Opt for open windows or light and translucent curtains.  Stylish lamps can also help bring light to those dark corners and create brighter spaces. Rugs are another great way to bring some color into a dull space and create a spring vibe.



Find more accessory ideas here.



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