How to Use Accessories to Update Your Home

Do you ever wish that you could just hit the “Refresh” button to give your space an easy update? You are not the only one! Here are 6 ways to instantly transform any room with accessories or home decor accents. We’ll be sharing what we learned by talking to our designers and looking through our showroom archives.

How to Use Accessories to Update Your Home

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Once you have selected the furniture, the next step is to find the perfect accessories for decorating your home. This will take some time. This is not a rush. Editing and styling are your signatures. They speak to how you use lighting, mirrors, and other elements to create the right mood.

  1. Change out your pillows and add a cozy throw to the room! A beautiful throw, accent pillows, and throw pillows can make a big difference. Forma Furniture offers a large selection of pillow sizes and shapes.
  2. An area rug can help you define your space. A rug can define a space or a sitting area. It can also establish the overall color scheme of your home. Different design styles, wall colors, and furniture can be accented by a solid or patterned area rug. Rugs encourage us to explore new color combinations. Textures and intricate patterns can add visual interest to a room and combine with other decor elements to make it unique. You should look for a medium pile, shag, machine-woven or hand-tufted.
  3. Window treatments can frame your room. Blinds, shades, and curtains can frame a stunning view, hide a less-than-great view, block sunlight, provide privacy, improve acoustics or offer energy-efficient insulation. Every story needs a backdrop. Window treatments can soften the harsh rectangular shapes of windows to create a more cozy atmosphere. You can also use floor to celling curtains as a way to ad height to your room.
  4. Wall art can express your individual style. Wall art can be used to highlight the room’s features, set a tone and express your personal style. You can change the look to alter the mood. Forma Furniture has a variety of options to add that extra touch to every room in your house, including wall hangings, tapestries and framed or unframed prints.  Browse through our Wall Art and see if anything tickles your fancy.renwil Alisa painting wall art canvas
  5. Mirrors can add depth to any room. Mirrors can add a magic touch to any room. Who doesn’t like the way they reflect light around your living area? Mirrors are versatile and flexible, and can redefine the space of a room. A floor mirror chosen well can add a unique character and sophistication to a space. Mirrors can make smaller rooms seem larger. Mirrors are great for foyers, living rooms, bedrooms and family rooms. Wall mirrors are great for adding character and depth to smaller rooms. A horizontal mirror mounted on a wall can reflect simple candlelight or a sparkling light in a small room. Shop Forma Furniture’s selection of mirrors now.
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  7. Lighting can set the mood. You can create a unique atmosphere by layering different lighting sources in a room. You can have one for reading or a quiet moment with your family. Others are for entertaining guests and making your home feel warm and inviting. Lighting can relax us and wrap us in its warmth. At Forma Furniture, you’ll find all kinds of lighting including lamps, pendants and more, each chosen by our design team for its beauty, functionality, and value.  Shop lighting online now.

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Get a refresh with accessories

If you are looking for quick ways to refresh your home, consider pillows and throws, rugs and lighting. It’s even easier to visit our  showrooms to find the right items to personalize your space.

Are you ready to make a home more beautiful? Call your Forma Furniture or shop online today. Get help from experts to create a new look for your apartment or home.


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