Interior Design: Working with Grey

Gray can create a soothing backdrop in your space or be used as a bold accent piece with your furniture. Gray is a neutral that can be used in a variety of colors, from calming dove grey to moody charcoals and everything between.
Gray can be paired with many colors, so you need to choose a color scheme that will bring out the best of your home. The color of your gray will determine which colors you use.

A Calming Gray Color Palette
You can create a calm atmosphere with warm gold tones if you have soft gray walls, a medium gray sofa, or a loveseat. You can add color to your space with wallpapered accent walls, patterned rugs, throw blankets, and pillows.

To make a bold statement in style, you can choose a beautiful saddle brown recliner. You will notice a hint of orange undertones. Rust brown is richer and redder.

The Drama of Charcoal Gray
The charcoal gray color adds a moody, interesting look that can be complemented by bright and bold pops of color. A dark charcoal background makes it stand out with striking shades of pink or eye-catching brass shades.

You will be surprised at how saturated colors can contrast with dark gray, which creates an unexpected feeling of balance in your decor. You can start with a gray headboard and gray walls in your bedroom, and then add colorful accents to give your space a decorator feel.

A Mix of Neutrals
A room with neutral tones is a relaxing place to unwind after a long day. Gray works well with neutrals such as beige, brown and black. You can add texture and a touch of greenery to your neutral palette by adding new accents such as patterned rugs, layers of texture, and patterned rugs.

Crisp Gray, and White
To give your home a refreshing feel, you can use cool shades of gray and bright colors. Even on the hottest days, a room that is lined with linen fabrics and has a well-placed alignment of grey, black and white will look super chic and inviting. Your bedroom can be given a crisp yet warm feel with a softly upholstered straight lined grey and black headboard for your mattress. For a subtle touch of color, you can use faux or fresh plants in a simple vase.

Living Room Furniture at Forma Furniture
You will find a variety of accents to add style to your gray home available on our website or in our showrooms. Forma Furniture offers a unique variety of top-quality brands and often offers customization options for many of our items. You can shop by category, by room, or by brand.  We feel confident you will find the perfect pieces for your home.



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